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May 30, 2017

Over my many years of practicing, as both a former insurance company defense attorney and a worker's compensation specialist, I have come across patterns of things people do when they get injured on the job. Many people who get injured do not report the injury right away for various reasons. Some think the injury is "minor" and it will go away on its own, so they don't report it. Others are ashamed that they got hurt and are embarrassed and are worried that people will think they are "clumsy" and will make fun of them. Still, others are dead afraid that they will get fired from their job, or some other adverse action will happen to them, like getting "written" up, so they don't report the injury.

The one thing in common though, in these scenarios, is that the injury they sustained inevitably gets worse, doesn't heal, and then they are forced to go to the doctor. Since they didn't report the injury right away, then this reporting could become problematic in getting the insurance company to cover the injury.

So, as I always advise DON'T be afraid or ashamed of the fact that you got hurt while performing your duties! Many, many people get injured. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to get the medical attention and compensation you are entitled to under the law in the unfortunate event that you are injured. Remember, worker's compensation laws were written to benefit both the injured worker AND the employer so don't let shame or fear keep you from exercising the rights the law gives you.