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Intellectual Property, Trademarks, & Copyrights Attorney in Norwalk, Connecticut


Protecting your creative property; songs, books, sound recordings, websites, etc, is very important. It is true that common law “copyright” protection attaches as soon as you create something, however, if someone “uses'' your creation without your permission, unless you register the work with the United States Copyright office, you will need to prove how much you lost as a result of the infringement and you cannot collect the automatic statutory damages or attorneys fees as laid out in the Statute. Registration is pretty simple and straightforward, and Attorney Sciglimpaglia’s fees are extremely reasonable for assisting with Copyright Registrations. Keep in mind that you won’t know if you filed properly until someone is already infringing your work and you want to enforce the Copyright in Court.


Businesses that have a special name, or catchphrase, to identify them or their products need to protect them from others who may want to capitalize on the blood, sweat, and tears it took to build that recognizable brand name or phrase. To do this, registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office is a must. Proper Registration is an art and can be very complex, and the only time you will discover if it was done right is when someone makes a claim against you when it is too late. Searching for other similar “marks” already being used, and figuring out the broadest business “category” are the key components of being able to enforce your Trademark once it is registered. Attorney Sciglimpaglia can help for a very reasonable fee with registration and even enforcement of your Trademark.