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Business Formations Attorney in Norwalk, Connecticut

There are many people wanting to start up their own businesses now. Did you know that as soon as you personally collect any money for selling your goods or services you are considered a “sole proprietor” by default? Being a sole proprietor does not offer any legal protection to you in case something goes awry and you get sued. You can lose everything, or even get wages attached if your business is a “side hustle”. You also need to consider “Uncle Sam’ so you aren’t facing a huge tax bill with penalties come April 15th. You should speak to Attorney Sciglimpaglia BEFORE you start conducting your business. He can suggest the best and most inexpensive method to set up your business to reduce your risk and maximize your tax benefits. Many people try to form LLCs or Corporations by registering them on their own, or using a huge cookie cutter service. Keep in mind that you won’t know if the company was formed properly until you are challenged in Court when it is too late. If you know what a Managing Member versus Member, or what a Corporate Officer versus a Director is, and if you know how to draft “Operating Agreements” or Bylaws, then you are qualified to file yourself. If not, do yourself a favor and hire Attorney Sciglmpaglia.