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He is honest and real. He is effective and efficient, excellent at what he does, because he knows what he is doing ~ whether it is real estate, foreclosure, contract law, personal injury, worker's compensation, or other legal concerns. I have hired him several times. When I need an attorney, he is the first I think to hire because he is the best there is.

- Foreclosure Client | (Name Withheld)

I had the great opportunity of retaining Robert's services on a couple of occasions, he has demonstrated his loyalty, that he is ethical and a professional hardworking attorney, who always puts his client's interests first.

I highly recommend Robert for any legal matters!

- Travis Simms | Norwalk, CT

From our first conversation, I felt that Rob Sciglimpaglia could be the lawyer to help me. I had a complicated W. Comp case and had researched countless lawyers before contacting Rob. He didn't promise the moon, nor did he discourage me with potential doom and gloom. He would receive a percentage of whatever settlement he was able to reach. We communicated by phone and email. Before I hired him, I sent him piles of paperwork - and after reading through it, he said he thought he could help. It took many months to finally reach a settlement - the opposing attorneys were very difficult such that I understood the final $ amount was the best that anyone could have achieved.
I was kept informed throughout the process. Rob was professional, knowledgeable, kind, personable, helpful, and - always reasonable with his encouragement. The final thing that needs to be mentioned is that apart from his excellent legal skills, he is a good and kind man. Anyone in need of a W. Comp attorney would do well by hiring him. I have no doubt that he is just as competent in the other areas in which he works. However, I do not have first-hand knowledge of these and therefore cannot speak definitively of them. I would hire Rob again if I had the need - and surely this is the highest kind of praise.

- Alison Milne | Florida

Professionally, Rob is well qualified and personally, he is compassionate, honest, and (most importantly) very reasonable and protective of his clients. I have found Rob to possess very sound judgment in legal matters. So, he is a very good Consultation (and referral) Attorney, as well.

I have known Rob for over 20 years now and he has represented me in almost all areas of legal practice, particularly Real Estate and personal injury - in which he excels.

In one Settlement Agreement (where Rob represented me) even the presiding judge characterized him as "a good family man".

Therefore, I feel Rob is very trustworthy. I would never take any legal decision or, put my signature on any legal document without consulting with Rob.

- Manik Advani | New Canaan, CT

Rob Sciglimpaglia is a true "pro", both as a practicing attorney and voiceover talent. Very thorough and professional in all respects. In either field of endeavor, Rob's work is outstanding! I recommend him highly!

- Bill Nevitt | Voice Over Client

Robert is good. Knows his stuff, and delivers on time!

- Aaron Seals | New York, NY

Founder / CEO - FiLMAGON, NYCastings, Reel Services, For A Better World Films